About Novella

Let Your Event Sing.

We believe in the power of a compelling story, and your organization has one that makes you unique. It’s our job to discover and help you tell it so that your message and mission can reach everyone at the event we create.

Lots of people can help you plan a gathering. But what happens when your guests get there?

Our team is a blend of marketers, communicators and organizers. That’s what makes us unique. We honor the creativity of work by crafting a clear message with your team so that every guest completely understands why they are there and what to do next.

We know Kansas City. We have planned hundreds of events here. It’s a part of who we are.

Great food, service and comfort are of the utmost importance to us. We conduct site visits regularly and only recommend the best venues, caterers, florists and designers to make all the threads of your story visually stunning.

It’s imperative that your guests feel special – that they are comfortable, treated with care and sent off with full stomachs and full hearts. Our goal is for your event to carry a lasting impact even when your guests are gone. We want them talking about you and your story.

Lastly, you’re busy and have other things to focus on. We are detail-oriented, carefully orchestrating the timelines and planning ahead of time. When it’s the day of, we’re there the entire day. We collaborate with you and all of the corresponding staff involved.

Whether integrating presentations and technology or working with volunteers, staff or agencies involved in planning, we thrive on working with others and do it with respect.